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Kalleske Johann Georg Shiraz - 2015
Johann Georg Shiraz is a single vineyard wine produced from the oldest vineyard on the Kalleske farm, planted in 1875, that produces very low yields from gnarly, dry grown vines. The wine is a tribute to Johann Georg Kalleske, the first Kalleske ancestor to migrate to Australia from Prussia in 1838. The old vine fruit is open-top fermented, basket pressed and matured in new and used French and American hogsheads for two years prior to bottling. A powerful, but elegant wine of great sophistication showing flavours of dark berries, cured meats and savoury spice. The full-bodied muscular palate is rich and dense with finely textured tannins and fleshy dark fruit. A generous finish completes this magnificent wine that will benefit from a decade or more in the cellar.

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Kalleske Eduard Shiraz - 2016
Eduard is sourced from three vineyard blocks on the Kalleske property that were planted between 1905 and 1960. Vines are dry grown and produce low yields. It is named after Karl Heinrich 'Eduard' Kalleske who worked the Kalleske vineyards from 1853 until the 1880s. The old vine Shiraz blocks are open-top fermented, traditionally pressed and matured in new and seasoned hogsheads for two years prior to bottling unfined and unfiltered. Eduard is an intense, powerful and full-bodied wine exhibiting dense classic Barossa old vine Shiraz characters. Inky black fruit flavours abound together with harmonized tannins, subtle oak complexity a sturdy structure and great length. Eduard is a sophisticated wine of the highest calibre and is worthy of cellaring for many years.

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Kalleske Old Vine Grenache - 2016
Old Vine Grenache is made from the oldest Grenache vineyard on the Kalleske farm, planted in 1935. The grapes are entirely dry-grown ensuring intensely flavoured fruit. Fermentation is warm in open-top fermenters with gentle hand pumpovers twice daily. After basket pressing the wine is matured in seasoned hogsheads prior to bottling. An intense, rich and robust Barossa Grenache with plenty of exotic flavours, a layered palate, harmonious balance and solid structure.

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Kalleske Greenock Shiraz - 2016
Kalleske Greenock Shiraz is a single vineyard wine sourced from a low yielding block consisting of shallow sandy loam over superb deep red clay providing ideal conditions for Shiraz vines. The wine is made in open-top fermenters and basket pressed and matured in hogsheads for up to two years before being bottled without fining or filtration. It is a powerful wine with intense flavours of dark fruits and toasty oak supported by fine ripe tannins. A wine with a strong backbone and a long finish that will cellar for a long time.

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Kalleske Merchant Cabernet Sauvignon - 2016
2015 Merchant Cabernet Sauvignon is vivid purple-red in colour. The aroma is enticing with lifted boysenberry, cedar, violet and molasses. The palate is medium bodied with varietal juicy fruit. Tannins are prominent but very fine adding definition, structure and age-worthiness. Integrated oak adds complexity. A lengthy finish completes a classic Barossa Cabernet that can be equally enjoyed now or in a decade.

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Kalleske Moppa Shiraz - 2016
Moppa Shiraz is named after the small district of Moppa, just North of Greenock, where the Kalleske farm and vineyard was established in 1853. Sourced entirely from our Kalleske Moppa vineyard, a trace of Viognier and Petit Verdot has been added to this Shiraz giving it a contemporary edge. The palate is rich and flavoursome. The tannin profile is superb, fine grained but fleshy adding texture and definition. Well structured, this is a complex and well balanced wine with fruit at the fore but background oak in support. Generous in flavour, it's completed by a very lengthy finish. Moppa is an expressive Shiraz that can be enjoyed now or will cellar well in the medium to long term.

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Kalleske Buckboard Durif - 2016
Buckboard Durif is inky purple-black in colour. There are captivating aromas of blackberry jam, dark plum, sweet spice, fruit cake and chocolate. The palate is rich and full-bodied. Black fruits dominate. Toasty oak is evident adding complexity. Tannins are solid adding a muscular backbone and dry finish to this generous wine. Buckboard Durif can be enjoyed now, but best over the next decade.

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Kalleske Fordson Zinfandel - 2016
Fordson Zinfandel is rich purple-red in colour. Ascending from the glass are intense and lifted aromas of blackberry jam, jubes, clove spice, Christmas cake and a touch of choc-mint. The juicy palate is packed with succulent berry fruits, suitably restrained with fine but structured tannins. There are subtle oak maturation nuances adding further complexity. Energetic, harmonious and truly varietal, this medium to full bodied wine is very drinkable. Approachable and fruit forward, Fordson Zinfandel can be enjoyed now or over the next five years.

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Kalleske Dodger Tempranillo - 2016
Dodger Tempranillo is medium magenta-red in colour. The aroma displays lifted varietal Tempranillo characters of herbs, leather, earth and dried plum. Medium-bodied, the palate exhibits spice, crunchy red fruits and marzipan with subtle oak in support. The natural tannins are prominent adding defined structure and chewiness. There's a dry lingering finish to complete the wine. Dodger can be enjoyed now or over the next eight years.

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Kalleske Clarry's GSM - 2017
Clarry's is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro with old vine Grenache from the 1940s and 1960s. The wine is fermented in open-top fermenters and basket pressed. To preserve the superb fresh fruit flavours of the wine, it was only aged in very old oak hogsheads and only for a limited time of one year. Clarry's is soft and fruit-driven with flavours of raspberry, perfume, clove and spice. It is mouthwatering with a muscular structure and great length.

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Kalleske Lorraine Semscato - 2016
Lorraine Semscato is grown on the Kalleske family farm at Greenock in the North-Western Barossa Valley. The wine gains its name from Australia's fastest hand grape-picker, Lorraine Kalleske, who during the 1980s was the fastest hand grape-picker in Australia, winning a total of four National Grape picking Championships, including a three-in-a-row trifecta. As the competition is no longer held, Lorraine retains the title of Australia's fastest grape-picker. Lorraine has put her skills to good use by hand-harvesting grapes on the Kalleske farm for the past five decades. Lorraine Semscato is a deliciously sweet, slightly bubbly wine reflecting the sweet, flavoursome grapes and bubbly personalities on the Kalleske vineyard.

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Kalleske Rosina Rose' - 2017
Rosina is an attractive misty-rose pink colour. The aroma is bursting with bright fragrance including crushed raspberry, fresh jasmine flower, musk and strawberry. The palate is fresh and juicy with flavours of watermelon and crunchy cranberry. Crisp and vibrant, a hint of restrained grape sweetness adds harmony. It's a very lengthy rose' with a radiant finish.

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Kalleske Florentine Chenin Blanc - 2017
Florentine 2017 is vivid white-straw in colour. The lifted aromatics display passionfruit, freshly cut apple, lemon custard, quince and flowers. The finish is very lengthy. Light-medium bodied. Fresh, juicy fruit. Delicious. Florentine can be enjoyed now but will cellar gracefully. 

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Kalleske Elenore Semillon - 2017
 This single vineyard Semillon is from one of the oldest surviving Semillon vineyards in the Barossa, planted on the Kalleske property in 1980. Grapes from these old low-yielding vines were native yeast fermented and matured in a trio of vessels; French barrels for oak richness, concrete egg tank adding complexity and stainless tank providing freshness.There is evident oak from barrel maturation adding another layer of flavour. There is further complexity with honey, butter and creamy notes from the natural malolactic fermentation and time on lees. The wine is balanced with bright acidity adding backbone and length. Elenore is a lavishly flavoured old vine Barossa Semillon that can be enjoyed now or over the next five years.

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Kalleske JMK Shiraz VP - 2016
JMK Shiraz VP is vivid inky purple in colour. Inviting aromatics leap from the glass including macerated blackberries, anise, kirsch, marzipan, cassis, chocolate, raisins, musk and floral perfume. The full-bodied palate is rich and generous showing complex dark fruits balanced with a gently warming brandy spirit and controlled natural grape sweetness. Bright and intense in flavour, dense tannins add solid structure and definition. A vibrant fruit finish of incredible length completes this extremely well balanced fortified Shiraz. JMK is a harmonious, soft and opulent wine that can be enjoyed now whilst young and vibrant however will strongly reward patience in the cellar for decades to come.

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Kalleske Zeitgeist Shiraz - 2017
100% certified biodynamic grapes. Kalleske shiraz grapes, multiple blocks. wild fermented on skins for 7-10 days. no maturation. early vintage bottled. naturally primal in colour, aroma and flavour. no added sulphites.

Intense dark purple. Perfumed aromatics. Bright primary fruits. Plum, violet florals, crushed blackberry. Milk chocolate, clove spice. Full flavoured, energetic, pure fruits. Juicy + round softness, lightly creamy texture, finely structured natural tannins. Extremely alluring. lengthy, expressive, radiant finish. Strikingly complex. Primal characters. Capturing the spirit & character of vintage 2017. Unoaked.

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Kalleske Parallax Grenache - 2017
Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. It is typically harvested late in the season when it is fully ripe to display gorgeous rich sweet red fruit characters and soft supple tannins with a generous and supple mouthfeel. But when harvested early in the season a divergent and equally impressive wine can result. Parallax Grenache is picked 2-3 weeks earlier than normal and combined with fermentation on stalks and minimal maturation has resulted in an admirably divergent wine compared to the norm from this variety, showing the versatility of Grenache.

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Kalleske Plenarius Viognier 2017

An intriguing but inviting bronze orange colour. The aromatics abound. There is honey, glace fruit, ginger, apricot, dried fig, spice and a touch of hops. Very captivating. The palate is medium-full bodied. Flavours are intense. The texture is sublime, a multiple of layers and diverse but complementary mouthfeels. There is a touch of inviting oily roundness that is checked by lightly chalky tannin and natural citrusy acid adding freshness. The dry finish is lingering and clean, inviting another sip sooner rather than later. A complex mesh of aromas, flavours and textures providing a provocative and enchanting drink.

Ingredients: 100% certified biodynamic grapes. single vineyard Viognier grapes wild fermented on skins for 7 days. matured in hogsheads for 10 months. bottled unfined & unfiltered. naturally cloudy. naturally amber in colour. no added sulphites.  

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Biodynamic Barrel Project - 2015
Sustainability and ongoing environmental practices are at the core of Kalleske farming, grapegrowing and winemaking with all operations certified organic and biodynamic. As biodynamics is a fundamental part of our philosophy, it was a natural extension to explore the use of biodynamic barrels. The wine was sourced from our Kalleske Greenock Shiraz block consisting of shallow sandy loam over superb deep red clay providing ideal conditions for Shiraz vines. Following pressing of the grapes, we filled the same Shiraz wine to three different barrel types; fruit, root and flower according to the days of the biodynamic calendar. The Biodynamic Barrel Project comes as a beautifully packaged trio pack for you to judge the differences for yourself.

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Nietschke Shiraz
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