Kalleske Wines  


For over 150 years our Kalleske family has been living and working on our Greenock farm. Throughout this time each generation has been vigilant in looking after the property for the next generation by not only preserving but enhancing the natural environment. Today, genuine sustainability and careful environmental practices continue to be at the core of our Kalleske farming, grapegrowing and winemaking. Certified organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard and winery ensure the soil, air and waterways are not polluted with synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. Organic/biodynamic farming is not only good for the environment but it ensures the grapes produced are more wholesome with vitality and integrity that reflect their origins of our Kalleske vineyard. Farming the vineyard organically and biodynamically is the truly natural way of farming ensuring ultimate sustainability, authenticity and quality.

To read more and gain an insight into organics and biodynamics, Troy has gone into great detail on the topics below, which you can download.


For the latest news on biodynamics please visit the Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd website.